Noleggio laser al diodo

Laser al diodo di ultima generazione a noleggio in maniera facile e trasparente con B-Tech!

Per ottenere ottimi risultati occorrono strumenti davvero performanti, per questo nasce  B-TECH EPIL SYSTEM, il laser di ultima generazione.


 Funzionale su qualsiasi tipo di pelle si voglia trattare, indifferentemente uomo o donna, ed in ogni sua parte: viso, corpo, braccia, gambe, inguine e ascelle. Segui i parametri suggeriti da EPIL SYSTEM e goditi il trattamento.

SEMPLICE QUANTO EFFICACE! Lo speciale sistema di raffreddamento permetterà lunghe sedute nel massimo comfort. Business Technology B-tech

Lunghezza d’onda 808 nm Energia max 40j/cm2.
Potenza uscita 1000 w Tipo laser, diodo 10 barre frequenza spot da 0,5 a 10hz.
Sistema di raffreddamento lampada acqua e aria forzata.
Sistema di raffreddamento cristallo -8 c°
Lunghezza d’impulso da 8 a 300 ms.
Looks To Kill

Not Just For Mountains

We believe in versatility, which means your X1 series bike will be able to go wherever life takes you. While it has traditional downhill biking parts, they’ve been tuned to adjust to city like conditions. Finally the freedom you’ve been craving is here.

Handmade Quality

Built By Actual Riders

Everyone at Salient bike industries is a die hard rider, and what this translates into ultimately is a higher quality product. We know the trails you want to go on so rest assured; we know exactly what’s needed to handle them.

Enter Into A World Of Fun

First Person Clips Of Mountain Rides With The X1

Aerial Footage 5:29

Watch some drone footage of our team’s best riders going downhill on Salient mountain.

The Quick Route 3:20

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route.

Kevin Robertson 6:45

Check out Kevin treck some of the most intense courses in all of the Salient area.


Base Frameset

Salient Package

Salient main frame, G4 Link Tube, 220mm Travel, EVOX Link, Micro Truss, Enhanced Armor

Wheels & Tires

Infinity R5

20mm front, 150×10 rear, Ultra durable J3 Group Issue Tires 26.5″x2.4″


Nectar Triggers 26X

HyperX Crank 48, Salient K7M Chain, Ultra6 Bottom Bracket, 10 Speed up/down Gearbox


Nectar Set

Elite Ultra Comfort Seat, Salient xGrip Handlebars 32mm, Orbit Bearing

X1 Downhill Dream

The X1 series bike is nothing but the ultimate mountain machine. Built to perfection from the ground up by experienced riders who wanted something better than what was out there. Try the X1 today and you’ll never go back.

From $1099.99

X2 Canyon Monster

Available Soon from $799.99

From $799.99

X3 Hill Trecker

Available Soon from $499.99

From $499.99